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Jan 2019 Contest

Scores to Beat

DD Gnevny - Highest Base Exp - 1878 (Donedunit)

CL Nurnberg -  Most Fire damage - 50,197 (Ionsmash)

BB Fuso - Highest Damage - 134,919 (JakkRabbit)

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13 hours ago PLPTSBCNR Jenska
football crowd tonight, no CW for me
1 day ago PLPTEBCNR Donedunit
My submission was an 1878 in the Gnevny as well. Tie?
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3 days ago PLPTEBOTS Sigurth_Valkyri
forced closed the game 4 times and still wont let me load into the map. in a cv. thanks wg for fucking my team.
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3 days ago PLPTEQTRM Fostersnc
This is by far my most citidials in a match.
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give away code for flag and camo
3 days ago PLPTVSAOTB Zairinzan
Patch 0.8.0 Delayed

What will happen to the activities rolled out in version 0.7.12?
They will be extended, and you will have an additional week to:

Fight in Clan battles.
"Knock off" your remaining snowflakes.
Complete the event "In the Name of His Highness!" and receive the premium battleship tier VI Prinz Eitel Friedrich.
Participate in the "Mighty Prinz" Campaign, earning yourself the five researchable Tier VI ships with permanent New Year-inspired camouflage.
However, please note that the combat missions "Nerves of Steel" will expire as initially planned and will not be available for completion after January 25.
5 days ago PRMY Rungump
well  not the highest damage in the Fuso but kick butt Fuso game anyways 
6 days ago PLPTEBCNR Donedunit
Makes me wanna get that Bourgogne.........

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6 days ago PLPTSPLRD Chance_Buckman
Trying to keep up with Zair
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6 days ago AOTB ReeseAdair
With Clan Battles ending soon as well as the CV update, we should be having an opportunity to do free captain respecs for some , if not all, of our captains.  I'm a little late to the IFHE party and I'd love to have a list of ships that benefit from having IFHE so that I can respect properly.
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