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March 2019 Contest Winners

Highest potential damage in a BB (any tier) n00bot-  6,129,038

Highest damage in a CV (any tier)  Sigurth_Valkyri - 310,159

Most fires set in a game CA/DD (Tier 5-8)  FosterNC/ BigD23diesel - 16

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2 hours ago PLPTEPLRD Sigurth_Valkyri
Of the Azuma and the Alaska which ship would most of you like to see me review first?
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2 hours ago Buckarama
Need more PLPTS pirates in NAVAL BATTLEs  - score them star's.
19 hours ago PLPTVBOTB Valgaur

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18 hours ago Buckarama
NAVAL BATTLES is up....  Enable your UI and lets get some star's for oil
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4 days ago PLPTEPLRD Sigurth_Valkyri
What the actual fuck.... This shit has to stop. I absolutely cant stand players this bad. Bots do better. Seriously they do. This garbage makes me want to quit. 
4 days ago PLPTEPLRD Sigurth_Valkyri
Hard carry
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5 days ago PLPTSBCNR HollywoodMM
GGs against last night S'ers!!   We started to get the hang of it and put together some nice W streaks.

I think we were all liking the splitting up along the following lines:
TF 1) Hindy(insert another kiter here)+Moskva/Stalingrad (Hvy CA) combo at point 1
TF 2) 1 DD, with BB and multi radars at point 2

Then once opponent had been scouted, retasktng TF 1s Hvy CA in joint push down center with TF 2 BB and DD scouting and CAs providing radar / antiDD support.  TF 1 CA was then responsible to push Point 1 / battle opposing DD or keep opposing forces busy with the chase while conceding point 1.

Diesel did a GREAT job in the Hindy in TF1 role and I thought our Hvy CAs did a nice job doing double duty Point 1 then Point 2.  Also, Tom identified that our BB was better in push mode than sniping and that more befit our style.

I think with some better DD play (which I though I was okay with but we have better) we win one or two more of those games.

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12th Apr PLPTSBCNR HollywoodMM
GGs last night S!  We're getting there.  Still mixing and matching new guys with new guys playing DD and commanders.  Overall, I'm enjoying it.    I'd suggest putting less stock in the win/loss and more in the fun factor of playing organized WOWS - it's fun!  IF you are only going to enjoy it when you win, well not sure what to tell you.

If anyone can point us to some data re: citadels for Tier Xs, that would be helpful.
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6 days ago Buckarama
Hey gang - if you haven't already jump into Naval Battles and help get STARs for oil - you get 10 count attempts to achieve winning STARs - currently the nbrs are sitting high for Base XP btwn Nations and ship  classes at 1500 base XP for 2xStar achievement's.      41-22  at this time.   Ends Monday a.m.
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