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Welcome to the Crew

Clan Battles 

Every Tuesday and Thursday

Starting 9/25/18
830pm EST


Certifications are now handled through 

the  Mentorship program.
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18 hours ago PLPTEBCNR Donedunit
Wraith, you are a welcome addition to the team. Glad you joined up.
4 days ago PRMY WraithWinds
Good Morning Captains. 
Just saw Xcidius in a Jingles video called silence is golden.
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5 days ago PRMY WraithWinds
Well guys, I'm in your clan (happy face) and want to thank everyone for there welcome and support.
Just an FYI, the closed beta testing registration for World of Warships Legends on console for PS4 and the XBOX is open.
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2 days ago PLPTEBOTS ionsmash
Wont be on for CB sat 15 good old xmas party
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3 days ago PRMY WraithWinds
Thanks to everyone for the teamwork and fun last night in clan battles! I really enjoyed the camaraderie.
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4 days ago PLPTSBCNR Jenska
5 more mega gifts, not so great: 4000 doubloons (~$19) and 90 special flags
6 days ago PLPTSBCNR Jenska
5 mega gift boxes = 4000 doubloons (~$19) and 90 special flags---MEH
9th Dec PLPTSPRTE n00bot
Possible repeat of last week’s Clan Battles scheduling problem
https://forum.worldofwars ... tched-again-tonight/
8th Dec PLPTSBCNR Jenska
5 mega gifts = Roma & Monaghan, 5 big gifts = 1000 doubloon & 7500 coal, others were just flags
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8th Dec PLPTSBCNR Jenska
This weekend special discounts
  • –80% to the cost of accelerated commander training in doubloons
  • –50% to the cost of commander retraining in doubloons
  • –60% Elite Commander XP/doubloons for resetting commander skills
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