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March 2019 Contest Winners

Highest potential damage in a BB (any tier) n00bot-  6,129,038

Highest damage in a CV (any tier)  Sigurth_Valkyri - 310,159

Most fires set in a game CA/DD (Tier 5-8)  FosterNC/ BigD23diesel - 16

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19 hours ago PLPTEBCNR Fostersnc

It's with a heavy heart I have decided to explore the open seas and look for a more active group/clan.

I will always be a Pirate at heart (AAARRRR) and hope the best for everyone!

If anyone wants to division up please just send me an invite. 

John Fosters! 
2 days ago PLPTESBLR LordBrackish
It has been a great couple of years and I have enjoyed playing with everyone, but alas the channel has been empty for a couple of weeks and I don't really like playing solo.  I too will be searching for a more active home.

Thanks for everything I have learned while a member of this clan.

See you all out there.
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3 days ago PLPTVBOTB Valgaur
Hey all!!

No worries I'm not leaving, although it may have seemed like it from my apparent disappearance. I'm still here, but needed a break from WoWs so I can focus on house purchase and many things from work which are needing a lot of my noggin power lately, all good things. Just thought I'd let you know I'm still here

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6 days ago PLPTEPLRD Jakk_Rabbit
Remember CLAN sync drops??!! those were fukn awesome!!! 8 of us on 1 side LMAO....FUN TIMES!!!
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1 day ago PLPTR/R carvin1
I'm trying to make a comeback. Working back in W Texas again, spending alot of time in hotels. Ping is good, much better than my 1000+ at home. Long days most of the time though so I'm still kinda hit and miss, but I'm getting in some battles.
10th Jul PLPTEBCNR Donedunit

The time has come brothers. It has been real. It has been fun. But alas, I must roll on. I will be departing the PLPT clan.

Nothing but respect for all you guys. I wish you all the best.

Kind regards,

Done dun it
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1st Jul PLPTEPLRD ionsmash
hello all, the time has come for me to move on from PLPT.  I do look forward to seeing u guys around and div up now and again. hoping the best for the clan.
remember have fun and sink them all

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10th Jul PLPTEBCNR Donedunit
Jack Rabbit,

Thanks for the tip on the engine boost for the Kremlin. Total game changer.

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11th Jul R/R graybeard777
I too am leaving the the clan. Was looking for a bit more activity...divs and such...ts is always a ghost town. Appreciate you all taking me in...
Best of luck
2nd Jul PLRD Buckarama
bugger.. that post below didn't work - don't bother with it - trying to post a Bear getting hit I the nuts...   he pretty much reacted same as any one wud  LOL  - sorry for bad post.  Buck
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