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2 days ago QTRM Rungump
love beating RNG  in randoms  lol 
5 days ago PLPTVSAOTB Zairinzan
I smell Valgaur 
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5 days ago QTRM Rungump
DD  fun time 
5 days ago QTRM Rungump
When ya team doesn't perform and runs to edge of map like spooked cows leaving you trying to defend 2 caps alone  UGGGHHHHH  !!!!!!
17th May AOTB ReeseAdair
For PLPT, if you are in-game today, tomorrow, or Sunday, please participate in the Naval Battles. Once enabled, pick a ship and exceed the listed damage threshold...easy peasy. More oil for the clan.

Don’t forget to log onto Teamspeak....good hunting!
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8th May PLPTEBCNR Donedunit
did anyone notice this jet powered craft on the Harekaze
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10th May PLPTEPLRD Sigurth_Valkyri
The amount of trash players today is fucking astounding..... I mean its been getting worse but today is terrible. Only uni player on all my teams except the 2 I was with chrigen. 200k isn't even coming close to carrying. No. Where. Close. 
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9th May PLPTVSAOTB Zairinzan
It didn't display for some reason, but RipRush made a very generous $100 donation to the clan. <0
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11th May PLPTSBCNR Unemployed_History_Major
8 kills in the Atlanta thanks to Sojo in the DD.
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4th May PLPTVBOTB Valgaur
Just had my best game ever in the Bologna! Look at the number of those Citadels.... I felt awfully dirty after this game. Full to 0'd a Mushashi from within 1km.

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