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The Order of Themistocles

Awarded to Divisions of  Fleet members who secure 10 kills in a single battle.

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Commander w/gold oak

Awarded to Commanders who have graduated the Citadel class and commanded the fleet during a battle. Has won 25 battles as the commander.

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Pelagic Pirates Unit Citation

Awarded to Task Forces for outstanding performance, organization, and communication in the heat of battle.

German Armada Citation

Awarded to a member who has reached tier 10 in one of the German ship lines.

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Practice Makes Perfect w/2 bronze stars

3rd Award to members who have attended a minimum of 75% of all available training sessions held Quarterly.

KOTC's Staff Citation

Awarded to a staff member who has performed above and beyond his or her duties with in the fleet.

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Japanese Armada Citation

Awarded to a member who has reached tier 10 in one of the Japanese ship lines.

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Russian Armada Citation

Awarded to a member who has reached tier 10 in one of the Russian ship lines.

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The Order of the Destructor

Awarded to members who have dealt a large amount of damage. 170,000 damage.

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Air Defense Service Award

Award to those who have shot down 40 or more planes in a single match.

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Awarded to Fleet members who participate in the Supremacy League matches.

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Battle Hardened

Awarded to members who take part in Fleet on Fleet engagements.

Silver DD Gunner Qualification

Awarded to members who have been qualified at the silver level in gunboat Destroyers.

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Devastating Striker

Awarded to those who have received 250 devastating strike achievements.

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Explorer of the 7 Seas

Awarded to members who have traveled great distances around the globe. 5 Full trips around the globe, roughly 125,000 miles.

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Purple Heart

The Purple Heart is awarded to those damaged or sunk while serving the Fleet under extreme conditions.
Fleet on Fleet engagements, Award can be recommended by Fleet Staff only.

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Bronze BB Qualification

Awarded to members who have been qualified at the bronze level in Battleships.

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American Armada Citation

Award to a member that has reach tier 10 in one of the American ship lines.

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Main Battery Expert

Awarded for having a Main Battery hit ratio of 28% or higher. 1000 games+

Charter Member

Charter member

Yee who holds this here, was on deck at the official founding of the Fleet.

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Welcome to the home of the Pelagic Pirates, a World of Warships clan. To get your self all signed up with us please fill out the general application.
It can be found here: http://www.pelagicpirates ... g/recruitment/173766
Once you have filled out the application a staff member will review it asap, join our TS channel and division up with others.

Thank you for choosing to sail with us. We look forward to sailing with you.
Pelagic Pirates TS
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