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Council Meeting
11:00 PM Mon 6th Feb 2017 (GMT/UTC -4.0)
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4th Feb 2017
Well we usually hold them in the staff office anyway so it's kind of a moot point; you wouldn't have been able to get in xD.
4th Feb 2017
np, whats why I ask, lol
4th Feb 2017
Negative Tuna, the council meetings are for command staff or by invitation only. Thank you for your interest though, the fleet meeting is still on for the 13th and that's all-hands that want to attend.
4th Feb 2017
open to all members?
24th Jan 2017
I will be in Washington D.C. for my award, leaning towards not being able to attend but would like to know talking points to put my 2 credits in beforehand if possible please!
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Welcome to the home of the Pelagic Pirates, a World of Warships clan. To get your self all signed up with us please fill out the general application.
It can be found here: http://www.pelagicpirates ... g/recruitment/173766
Once you have filled out the application a staff member will review it asap, join our TS channel and division up with others.

Thank you for choosing to sail with us. We look forward to sailing with you.
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