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August News
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Monthly News
Pelagic Pirates News for August

   Fleet training is held every Tuesday night. All members are encouraged to attend these. We are back to setting up scrimmages for the entire fleet's membership to get everyone a chance to experience team play on the bigger scale.  Keep your eyes on the calendar for these. Have the training room ready to go when you arrive.  And be sure to sign in at each training to get credit.

   The Staff are looking to refresh our command staff and add some new blood to mix. If interested in helping out please go fill out a Promotion Form to be considered. We dont ask for much, just a little help in different areas.

   Supremacy News,
It look as if they are changing up the ship selection options, adding some new point value system. We do practice every weekend against another clan. There are still a few open slots, so if you are interested contact a team CO or XO.
[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.7)]Sign-up Deadline: September 2nd
Qualifiers: September 9th and 10th. These will continue on September 16th and 17th if needed
Season Start: September 30th. 8 weeks(6 weeks regular season, 2 weeks Finals)

  Pirate Showdown Winners for July were,

  Congrats on a well played tournament.

  Winner of our Saipan Event was Chance Buckman, he took home a Premium Tier 7 US carrier for his efforts.

  Event for July is posted on the calendar, The Sinking of the USS Indianapolis. Check event posting for details.  Only a short time left for entries, we have only 3 people in the drawing as of this letter being posted.

  An event for August has not been posted yet, stay tuned for info to come.

  The FLEET STORE is OPEN to all members, please stop in and take a look. Questions can be sent to Death, Daeran, or Ramcke. We are working on putting up pictures for each item. All purchases are shipped out with in 3 days. Lots of shirts left to buy up.

    The monthly fleet meeting is scheduled for 8/14/17 @ 9pm EST. Promotions and awards will be given out, anyone with a recommendation for Pirate of the Month is to send a PM to Zairinzan with that persons name and a brief reason why. 

  We are looking into starting another ( In-game)) clan to finish getting everyone a clan tag. WG has teased with a photo of something clan related coming in the near future but has not given any details what so ever. The new in-game clan will need a CO and XO to run it, if interested PM DeathVolley.

   With summer upon us and school letting out, we encourage you to get out and spend time with family. The Fleet will be here when you come back and start playing. Just try to stay in touch from time to time.

   Operations Mode is live and all 4 operations are available to play. There is an award going out to the Task force with the most stars. We want to encourage team play and this is a great way to start learning to play as a bigger team, instead of the normal 3 man divisions.
 The first award for this went to Task Force 3 for there efforts.

  If you are reading this news letter and have fallen off the decks along the way, we would like to see you return to the fleet and get back to sinking ships with us. Come see what you have missed.

  Best regards to all,
The Pelagic Staff  

8th Aug 2017 PLPTEturbotush
Good info! Thanks for keeping us up to speed. <O
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Welcome to the home of the Pelagic Pirates, a World of Warships clan. To get your self all signed up with us please fill out the general application.
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Thank you for choosing to sail with us. We look forward to sailing with you.
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