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In Game Clan News/Update
0 Comments · Likes · Like · 23rd Sep 2017
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Ahoy Pelagic Pirates,

As most all of your are probably aware, Wargaming has added clan bases and a new clan resource (oil) to WoWs, with news of raids and clan wars coming in the future.  So the fleet leadership has met to discuss how best to adjust our fleet if at all in response to the new game dynamics.

First in response to the increase in new recruits with this latest patch, we have added a sixth game tag 'PLPTX' to be used for new joins until assignment to one of the main clan tags can be setup.  So if you see folks in game with that tag say hello, and welcome them to the Pelagic Pirates!

After listening to the membership opinions on Teamspeak and analyzing the clan base mechanics, the admirals have voted not to adjust current clan tags for purposes of oil collection.  Rather it was decided to move to an in game clan tag assignment in-line with each individual players drive for competitive or casual play in this new environment.  So that each Pelagic Pirate may have the opportunity to be as hardcore  or easy going as they desire, and are not going to be forced into a play style they are uncomfortable with because of the new clan elements being introduced.

The exact details of this are currently being worked out and will be given out to all members when completed.  Until that time there will be NO CHANGES to in game clan tags other than the normal removal of inactives and additions of actives in need of a clan tag.  Currently the details known for certain are that PLPT and PLPTE shall be the in-game clan tags for those looking for competitive play, and PLPTR, PLPTS, and PLPTT will be in-game clan tags for those looking for casual play.  

All those looking to switch to one group or the other will be given notice of how to request such a switch when the details are worked out.  Those not affected by the change may remain exactly where there are and will not require any action to do so.  For those in Supremacy League, Team 1 shall all be assigned to PLPT and Team 2 shall all be assigned to PLPTE.  SLR members and other will be entered into PLPT or PLPTE according to the details being worked out.  Likewise members not in Supremacy who wish to compete in clan wars will be given details on how to apply to join SLR members for the other slots on PLPT or PLPTE.   

We apologize for any confusion that may have been going on.  WG moving up the date of this patch release by a full week sort of threw us off getting ready for this.

Thank you, and its the weekend, so drink some rum!

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Welcome to the home of the Pelagic Pirates, a World of Warships clan. To get your self all signed up with us please fill out the general application.
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Thank you for choosing to sail with us. We look forward to sailing with you.
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