The Code

Code of the Pelagic Pirates

General Guidelines

1. Be modest, act mature, & respect all crew members. You represent our clan, act accordingly in public and private matches. Treat all players and members with respect in voice and text chat. Name calling, racial slurs, general disrespect of fellow clan members or the extended warships community will NOT be tolerated. If asked to stop, then stop.
2. All new members must be at least 18 years old.
3. If you make commitments, do your best to keep them.
4. Anyone found to be using any kind of hack, cheat, aimbot or anything else that violates Wargamings ToS will be removed and banned from the fleet immediately.
5. If you have a question, don't be shy, ask.
6. Don't go alone, division play is encouraged!
7. Members must have TeamSpeak3 installed with a working microphone. Your presence on TS while playing is required and your TS name must be the same as your in-game name, if you don't feel like talking you can go to the Quiet Room. *Disclaimer* the language rating for Teamspeak is "Pirate", you have now been notified!
8. All members must log on to the website at least once per week to stay up to date on fleet news. Commissioned officers let us know if you must take an extended leave of absence.
9. Destroy your enemies.
10. Have fun! Don't sail angry. Remember, it's only a game!

Keepers Code

1) The Keeper is responsible for the well being of the fleet as a whole, in the public eye and within the clan.
2) The keeper has complete control over any and all competitive aspects of the clan, He/She reserves the right to allow another Staff Officer command any said competitive team if needed. This includes any Leagues, Clan Battles/Wars.
3) The Keeper is responsible for setting up meeting dates and times, and when present is the Chair for said meetings.
4) In the event of dire need or emergency situation, The keeper may consult with 2 Admirals and if approved take temporary emergency powers to handle the problem. PERIOD END OF STORY!!!
5) May Vote at the Council Meetings in the event of a tie vote.

Admirals Code

1) Implement and enforce clan policies
2) Manage assigned department of responsibility
3) Oversee members to maintain clan standards and enforce the code of conduct
4) Attend scheduled council meetings, exercise vote on all proposals
5) Assist The Keeper in the operation of the clan, in the best interest of the entire clan

Barons Code

1) Implement and enforce clan policies
2) Assist in managing assigned department of responsibility
3) Oversee members to maintain clan standards and enforce the code of conduct
4) Attend scheduled council meetings, voice sound opinions on matters brought fourth.
5) Assist The Keeper and Admirals in the operation of the clan, in the best interest of the entire clan

Personnel Command
1) Research awards for Command Staff, delegate TF commanders and/or Quartermasters to research their respective commands. Compile awards from TF commanders, Training, and Certifications
2) Approve Promotion Applications all ranks below Pirate Lord, nominate prospective officers for vote to the Council, Pirate Lord and above
3) Judge/Chair disputes, keep the peace
4) Communicate with TF commanders

Training Command
1. Develop and teach both basic and advanced tactics about the game.
2. Keep up to date on latest changes in game and include them in lessons.
3. Maintain attendance records for training sessions.

Certification Command
1. Monitor the Fleet email for incoming certification submissions during the times Certs are open.
2. Ensure that submissions are assigned to certification personnel for evaluation that hold appropriate cert to perform the eval.
3. Ensure the certification team has a diverse set of qualified personnel to certify people in all 12 levels of ship certifications.
4. Handle and make a final decision on any and all certification disputes.
5. Compile and track the Fleets list of certifications as well as send a monthly list of newly certified members to the Head of Personnel for the appropriate Fleet Award.

Clan Tag Commanders/Deputy Commanders/Recruiters
1. Fall under direct command of the Keeper or appointed Staff Officer/ per Keepers Code
2. Act in the best interest of the entire clan.
3. Provide info on players and oil status at each Council Meeting.
4. Attend monthly Council Meetings. Time in meeting will be kept to a minimum.

Welcome to the home of the Pelagic Pirates, a World of Warships clan. To get your self all signed up with us please fill out the general application.
It can be found here: http://www.pelagicpirates ... g/recruitment/173766
Once you have filled out the application a staff member will review it asap, join our TS channel and division up with others.

Thank you for choosing to sail with us. We look forward to sailing with you.