Roles & Responsibilities

Keeper of the Code: The Keeper over sees all fleet activities, holds staff meetings and monthly meetings. During council meetings the Keeper may only vote in the event of a tie. In the event of the Keeper stepping down from his/her position, the Keepers coin is to be passed down to an Admiral of the Black in good standings.

Admiral of the Black: A member of the Council, holds voting power on all fleet business. Performs staff duties, holds meetings in the absence of the Keeper. In the event of an Admiral vacating his position, his piece of Eight must be passed down to a respectable pirate in the chain of command.

Baron of the Black: A member of the Council, May voice opinion but has no vote at council meetings. Performs staff duties, may hold meetings if need be in the absence of Admirals. 

Pirate Lord: A feared ship Captain. All requirements of previous ranks, performs staff duties, very active with in the fleet, may be invited to listen in on council meetings, may hold Diplomat status with other fleets, assist/run training sessions.

Brethren of the Seas: The back bones of the fleet, skilled in multiple ship classes. All requirements of a Swashbuckler, holds numerous ship certs, attends training/meetings, assist with recruiting, may lead the fleet in battle, other light staff work.

Swashbuckler: A graduated Buccaneer, a true pirate. Maintains a 50% win rate, 30 days as a 
Buccaneer minimum, attended training, received a ship certification, and stays active on the website.

Buccaneer: The makings of a feared and respected officer starts here. 50%+ win rate or 51%+ win rate for 90 days with 1,000+ WTR, Must own a tier 8 ship non-premium. 

Quartermaster: For those pirates who want some responsibility on the decks. No win rate requirements, 750+ battles and own a tier 8 ship. Performs light staff duties.

Pirate: Members who have been around the decks and fired the cannons. Have shown activity on the website, TS, training, and meetings.

Powdermonkey: Newest of crew members, No requirements.

Welcome to the home of the Pelagic Pirates, a World of Warships clan. To get your self all signed up with us please fill out the general application.
It can be found here: http://www.pelagicpirates ... g/recruitment/173766
Once you have filled out the application a staff member will review it asap, join our TS channel and division up with others.

Thank you for choosing to sail with us. We look forward to sailing with you.