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5 days ago PLPTVSAOTB Zairinzan
I smell Valgaur 
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9th May PLPTVSAOTB Zairinzan
It didn't display for some reason, but RipRush made a very generous $100 donation to the clan. <0
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5th Apr PLPTVSAOTB Zairinzan
77 aircraft shot down in a Monty
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23rd Mar PLPTVSAOTB Zairinzan
Claim your reward if you participated in the clan battles cross server test.  https://worldofwarships.c ... om/en/userbonus/
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17th Mar PLPTVSAOTB Zairinzan received the award The Order of Themistocles w/3bronze stars

4th Award to Divisions of  Fleet members who secure 10 kills in a single battle....

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17th Mar PLPTVSAOTB Zairinzan
10 kill division
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17th Mar PLPTVSAOTB Zairinzan
4.9 million potential and survived...barely
4th Feb PLPTVSAOTB Zairinzan
Fleet Contest Winners

DD Gnevny - Highest Base Exp - 1878 (Donedunit)

CL Nurnberg - Most Fire damage - 50,197 (Ionsmash)

BB Fuso - Highest Damage - 134,919 (JakkRabbit)
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24th Jan PLPTVSAOTB Zairinzan
In Flambass' new weekly series he addresses the new carrier rework among other things. ... ZRPprp_8&t=1965s

He is starting a community poll to counter Wargaming's line of "They like it, the rework is fine and popular " Basically many in the community feel that they know it's not popular, but they are going to force it down our throats whether we like it or not. The poll is very short and takes less than 2 minutes to complete, I strongly suggest you participate, and respond with honest answers on the CV rework. ... a5C6bhOSvxeL2
17th Jan PLPTVSAOTB Zairinzan
Patch 0.8.0 Delayed

What will happen to the activities rolled out in version 0.7.12?
They will be extended, and you will have an additional week to:

Fight in Clan battles.
"Knock off" your remaining snowflakes.
Complete the event "In the Name of His Highness!" and receive the premium battleship tier VI Prinz Eitel Friedrich.
Participate in the "Mighty Prinz" Campaign, earning yourself the five researchable Tier VI ships with permanent New Year-inspired camouflage.
However, please note that the combat missions "Nerves of Steel" will expire as initially planned and will not be available for completion after January 25.

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