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26th Nov PLPTVSAOTB Zairinzan
Season 4 of Clan Battles
Dates and Times
Season start: November 28
Season end: January 20
Gaming sessions available on: Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.
Prime time: 3:55 PM—7:55 PM PT (UTC-8)

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23rd Nov PLPTVSAOTB Zairinzan

If you use auto refill on your flags be careful, apparently with the recent patch if you run out it will use doubloons to replenish your stock by default. WG had stated this bug was fixed, but apparently...not.  
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25th Jul PLPTVSAOTB Zairinzan
For those interested in participating, we will be joining the Sharks for the Go Navy event.
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12th Jul PLPTVSAOTB Zairinzan
ST, American cruiser Alaska, Tier IX

Hit points – 60 800. Plating - 27 mm. Armor belt – 229 mm. Torpedo damage reduction – 13%.

Main battery - 3x3 305 mm. Firing range – 20 km. Maximum HE shell damage – 4300. Chance to cause fire – 27%. Maximum AP shell damage - 8900. Reload time - 20 s. 180 degree turn time - 36 s. Maximum dispersion - 216 m. HE initial velocity - 762 m/s. AP initial velocity - 808 m/s. Sigma value – 2.05.

The parameters of the dispersion ellipse are equal to the values of the Graf Spee cruiser (better than battleships, but worse than common cruisers).

The parameters of the ricochet angles of AP shells are equal to the values of the American cruiser Des Moines.

Secondaries - 6х2 127 mm, range - 5,0 km, Maximum HE Shell Damage - 1800, Reload Time - 6.0 seсonds.

AA defense - 34х1 20 mm, range - 2,0 km, damage per second - 122. 14х4 40 mm, range - 3,5 km, damage per second - 223. 6х2 127 mm, range - 5.0 km, damage per second - 91.

Maximum speed - 33 kt. Turning circle radius - 850 m. Rudder shift time – 13,8 s. Surface detectability – 16,2 km. Air detectability – 12,1 km. Detectability after firing main guns in smoke – 12,8 km.

Available consumables:

Slot 1 - Damage Control Party

Slot 2 - Defensive AA Fire / Hydroacoustic Search

Slot 3 - Spotting Aircraft / Catapult Fighter / Surveillance Radar

Slot 4 - Repair party

All stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers but with best available modules. The stats are subject to change during the testing.

Please note that the information is preliminary.
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8th Jul PLPTVSAOTB Zairinzan received the award French Armada Citation

Award to a member that has reach tier 10 in one of the French ship lines.

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8th Jul PLPTVSAOTB Zairinzan
Some light seal clubbing
30th Jun PLPTVSAOTB Zairinzan
Clan Wars opening night, good luck to all. <o
22nd Jun PLPTVSAOTB Zairinzan joined the group Pelagic Vanguard

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