PLPTVSAOTB Zairinzan 09:49
You did ok for your first try
PLPTVKOTC DeathVolley 02:28
lol, no retraining required here, had to come in and carry Zair around on my bacl all night
PLPTEPLRD Jakk_Rabbit 15th Dec
well well well!!! hey there stranger!!
PLPTVKOTC DeathVolley 15th Dec
Guess I will need to go back to the basic trainings and figure out how to turn my guns and shoot
PLPTSBCNR HollywoodMM 15th Dec
late breaking Xmas party tonight - no go for CW for Hw
PLPTSBCNR HollywoodMM 13th Dec
I had a 3M+ potential damage game in the Massachusetts last night. The best place for that - on Ocean!
PRMY Razgriz003 12th Dec
I'm onlne with Wraith andrungump!! come on in guys!!
PLPTSBCNR HollywoodMM 12th Dec
9p ET earliest for me tonight for CW. Maybe I will be part of the late shift win streak.
PLPTSBOTB Duler_02 12th Dec
No wolf just xcidius.... we ma
PLPTSBCNR Wolf_Maximus 12th Dec
It happens to all of us.
PLPTSBCNR Wolf_Maximus 12th Dec
xcidius, congrats on getting killed in today's Jingle's WoWs replay!
PLPTEQTRM Fostersnc 11th Dec
The cruisers crew should be dieing from it first! LOL Its hard as a DD anymore.
PLPTSBCNR HollywoodMM 11th Dec
Life as a DD capt can be so much fun sometimes (when you aren't dying of radiation poisoning that is)
PLPTSBCNR HollywoodMM 11th Dec
Also love the single torp shots. I don't think I've ever been a victim of one, but they are great to use when you are guessing on something and don't want to use an entire rack
PLPTSBCNR HollywoodMM 11th Dec
Icarus remains fun. While the smoke duration is really short, it reloads quickly and really it's a short term usage method anyway - "don't sit in your smoke"
PLPTSBCNR HollywoodMM 10th Dec
i like the icarus
PLPTEBCNR Donedunit 10th Dec
nope. Just the Mozilla Firefox app. All good.
PLPTEBCNR Donedunit 10th Dec
PLPTEBCNR Donedunit 10th Dec
PLPTEBCNR Donedunit 10th Dec
looks like our TS server link is dead. What is the server address and password?


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